On-line Class Review – Cleansing by Organ Level through Food

Cleansing by Organ Level through Food is a 13 minute My Yoga Online video taught by Kate Leinweber. Kate is a holistic nutritionist who works with Eastern medicine and traditional food practices.

This short video is packed with useful information about how to cleanse the body by focusing on the key organs that encounter toxins. Kate discusses the liver, kidneys, intestines, lymphatic system and lungs. She gives a brief explanation of each organ’s function, elaborates on its role on dealing with toxins and then provides practical advice on how to support the function of each organ. For the liver, intestines and kidney she recommends various foods that can aid in detoxification and purification. As expected, for the liver, green vegetables are the key. Apparently dandelion greens (hindbeh!) is the best – you can also try dandelion tea. For the intestines she recommends soluble fiber (such as flaxseeds), fermented foods (ie. a probiotic – yogurts, etc.) and black sesame seeds (to aid with constipation). To help the kidney purify the blood, Kate explains we need to increase the natural sources of minerals – this can be done by eating foods such as parsley, cucumbers and seaweed (another reason to go for sushi!) and ensuring we use a salt with high levels of minerals (should have an off-white color). For the lymphatic system and lungs, having a well rounded yoga practice can really help. Movement of the body (with asana practice or a mini-trampoline!) helps the lymphatic system move, boosting the immune system. Pranayama (breathing exercises) help the lungs with the release of gaseous toxins

I found this lecture very interesting because I’ve been feeling a little sluggish lately and was wondering if it had to do with a vitamin or mineral deficiency. So I boosted my raw greens and started feeling some improvement. I’m going to incorporate some more of Kate’s recommendations – some dandelion tea and more of the high mineral foods. I recommend this video as a quick and simple way to be reminded of how important our food choices are to our mental and physical well-being.

Name of Class: Cleansing by Organ Level through Food
Type of Class: Cleansing
Teacher: Kate Leinweber
Duration: 13 minutes
Level: All Levels
Silliness Factor: 0 / 3
My Rating: 3 / 3

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